FET/BTC Pair Upcoming news (Staking Program) pump the volume hard. Now, Let’s dive into the chart and see what’s happening.

The first look is that multiple Bull volumes started kicking in and Daily RSI is very noticeable.

Pattern drawn is a falling wedge = Bullish – if breaks to the upside with convincing follow up of bullish green candles.

Breaking to the upside will trigger a bull cross of 50 Daily MA and 20 Daily MA which could lead to more upward action in the mid-term. Our targets would be in the area of 800 sats – 1500 sats (up to 200% profit).

Always check the btc .d chart when trading Alts/BTC pair. I know, BTC .D will consolidate in the range of 67-69 level for now. Alts/BTC pairs will have a chance to pump slowly in the coming weeks. I’m already in this trade 🙂 Trade setup Buy area: 420-480 sats Sell area: 800 – 1500 sats Stop loss: 360 sats

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